We focus on measurable Life-style Marketing Tools

that are relevant, cost effective, easily integrated and, adaptable to the unique character of the lifestyle you want to share, sell or experience:

Real Estate Staging and Lifestyle Events 



We've earned our PHD

Over 25 years combined experience in the Lifestyle & Marketing Industry has infused us with Passion, Hunger & Determination to make a difference in the lives everyone we meet.

We don’t tap dance around the soft stuff we revel in it.

We understand the interrelationship that exists in every human being between needs, freedom and trust.

This is where we live.



We specialize in building relationships

to uncover strengths and opportunities that benefit you.


Moriah Limotta

Owner & Consultant

Commitment to what she truly believes in lead Moriah to work with SickKids Foundation in 2011, facilitating philanthropy with the SME business community. Through this process Moriah discovered her passion for helping others and a sincere interest in making people feel well. The raw power of openness has remained with Moriah as she endeavours to build her company on this premise. Through W.I.N.D. Communications Moriah continues to build awareness about life-style options that impact our basic human needs of hope, freedom and trust.




Stayed tuned as we build and grow. Life and business are like the changing seasons.




Stay tuned as we build and grow. This is how life gets better, not by chance, but by change.

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