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A large open floor plan with wood floors and stairs.

Top 3 Reasons for Low to No Showings in a Sellers Market.

Committing to selling your home or investment property is a big deal. Likely one of the biggest real estate deals most of us will make in our lifetime. This is one reason most people enlist the service of real estate professionals; for the feeling of security that comes from believing in the competence of a…

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A living room with a couch, chair and coffee table.

Working With What You Have: Tips on Staging Floors

As Real Estate Stagers often we are faced with staging a property that has “off-brand” floor coverings like wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs, or “outdated” wood patterns like Parquet (although with the rise in popularity of herringbone pattern, we think Parquet floor design will make a solid comeback soon), without the budget to remove, change or…

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A table with a vase of flowers on top

Staging for an Aging Population: Use Color Confidently

Color is one of the most potent elements in any staging plan. Its impact is undeniable. When you’re staging to reach a broad audience, it makes sense to neutralize the entire space using tints and tones of color. When staging for a niche audience like Seniors70yrs+, a bolder, more dramatic approach, that includes deeper shades…

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A living room with pink walls and wooden floors

Juxtaposition of Color and Vintage Design on a Post-Modern Stage.

Introducing 46 Ellis Park Road, the endearing, pink-colored property, for the maturing young family. Sitting at the top of a naturally landscaped curve, this is the home of the aspirational Gen Y and Millennial power couple whose personal needs and professional wants drive their focus, i.e., #nofilters. For Vincent the Visionary IT Exec & Violetta…

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A table with some candles and a vase

What is a Lifestyle Marketer? Is It As Shallow As It Sounds?

Basically, Marketing is about introducing products and services to an audience, for the purpose of creating awareness. Lifestyle Marketing, however, takes this a few steps further. Lifestyle Marketing involves the research and analysis of specific lifestyle categories that go beyond the typical demographic description such as Activities – what we do, to create an audience…

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