Working With What You Have: Tips on Staging Floors

A living room with a couch, chair and coffee table.

As Real Estate Stagers often we are faced with staging a property that has “off-brand” floor coverings like wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs, or “outdated” wood patterns like Parquet (although with the rise in popularity of herringbone pattern, we think Parquet floor design will make a solid comeback soon), without the budget to remove, change or…

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Staging for an Aging Population: Use Color Confidently

A table with a vase of flowers on top

Color is one of the most potent elements in any staging plan. Its impact is undeniable. When you’re staging to reach a broad audience, it makes sense to neutralize the entire space using tints and tones of color. When staging for a niche audience like Seniors70yrs+, a bolder, more dramatic approach, that includes deeper shades…

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What is a Lifestyle Marketer? Is It As Shallow As It Sounds?

A table with some candles and a vase

Basically, Marketing is about introducing products and services to an audience, for the purpose of creating awareness. Lifestyle Marketing, however, takes this a few steps further. Lifestyle Marketing involves the research and analysis of specific lifestyle categories that go beyond the typical demographic description such as Activities – what we do, to create an audience…

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