Juxtaposition of Color and Vintage Design on a Post-Modern Stage.

Introducing 46 Ellis Park Road, the endearing, pink-colored property, for the maturing young family. Sitting at the top of a naturally landscaped curve, this is the home of the aspirational Gen Y and Millennial power couple whose personal needs and professional wants drive their focus, i.e., #nofilters.

For Vincent the Visionary IT Exec & Violetta the Socially Vocal VP long term discipline brings short term gains – no cap. Passionate about life, hungry for information and determined to make a difference, they’ve earned a PHD in Emotional Intelligence that attracts them to Real Estate opportunities like this one.

Nestled in a popular and majestic High Park neighborhood, the buyers of this property are post-traditionalists who move at their own pace, enjoy pop culture in small doses, and dare to be motivated by tough love from the latest Tony Robbins success seminar. Their shopping habits mirror their life philosophy: they like to pay for features they will use and, remain loyal to products or services that give them more quality time to do what they love.

No strangers to sacrifice, their entire twenties a blur due to the sweat and tears required on their climb to the proverbial top. Now their rose-colored Quay Australia sunglasses, mask the fatigue and, help them to see life as it is, as it could be and, inspire them to act – in style of course!

Vintage Style Lamp and Side Table

Preserved in its original 1960’s splendor, the couple living in this home is upwardly mobile, family-friendly, eco-friendly, often feasting on the complexity of the urban landscape and, began their independent domestic life with Tru Earth laundry detergent strips. For them enjoying life means reducing their carbon footprint,  

With floor to ceiling windows, offering aesthetically pleasing private vistas and natural light, this home is move-in ready for an enlightened couple like Vincent the Visionary IT Exec & Violetta the Socially Vocal VP, who are beginning to see themselves in a more modern context, where a 1-year paternity or maternity-leave, are both equally possible and probable. For this post-traditionalist power couple, views from their master bedroom offer the promise of a new day to do something great. This is 46 Ellis Park Road. If you’re gonna rise up to the challenge of each new day, you might as well shine!

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